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Claudia Gameiro Wedding Planner in the Lisbon Coast of Portugal

Who’s Claudia Gameiro Wedding Planner in Cascais Lisbon Coast of Portugal ?  

Claudia Gameiro is a mother of 5 lovely children and a talented and driven professional who oversees the Lisbon Wedding Planner and Wedding Venues Portugal team, having several years of wedding planning experience, and a lot of professional qualifications, including an extra Wedding Planner qualification with Sarah Haywood from London, Marcy Blum from New York City and Diane Khoury from Australia. By having the know how on both how to overcome challenges together with how to create a dedicated and highly professional and efficient team, Claudia Gameiro has been leading the Wedding Planner business in the Lisbon Coastline. Together with her husband Miguel and the productive team at Lisbon Wedding Planner and Wedding Venues Portugal, Claudia has been able to host the most unforgettable destination weddings for her clients.  

LISBON WEDDING PLANNER Your Destination Wedding Planner in Portugal If you are reading this, you have most likely been recently proposed to, and we are extremely delighted about this! Congratulations on this new and exciting step of your life! At Lisbon Wedding Planner, we aim to offer you only the most exciting and memorable experiences, and ensure that every little second of your destination wedding in Lisbon Portugal is splendid! WEDDING VENUES PORTUGAL Do you dream of a fairy tale wedding abroad Portugal? Do you dream of having a real wedding in historical monuments, castle and palace or stunning villas in Portugal? And do you dream of amazing perfect wedding stress free for your wedding abroad Portugal? Wedding Venues Portugal offers you the most stunning wedding venues at your disposal for your stunning destination wedding in Portugal. From Majestic castles UNESCO World Heritage sites with exotic forests, Villas with a stunning view of the sea or historical palaces with breathtaking gardens, at Wedding Venues Portugal we offer you only the best experiences for your destination wedding Portugal.  

Claudia Gameiro has a passion for flowers, maybe that’s Claudia loves to organize weddings so much. 


Claudia Gameiro is married with Miguel Gameiro,  whom together had 5 lovely children. Keeping the Family together and happy is crucial to both Claudia and Miguel. They use the low season and their spare time to travel and have fun with the kids. 

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